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A powerful yet sensitive singer/songwriter with a relaxed, warm performing style.

First performing in folk clubs while a student in Swansea in the late ‘60's, Colin was to become a very popular performer in Midlands folk circles in the first half of the 1970's.  There are many fond memories of the Cherry Trees Folk Club in Alcester and even a small spot at the Troubadour in London courtesy of a chance meeting with the late Martin Winsor.

Colin re-emerged as a singer/songwriter in the 1990's with a reputation for writing songs that sometimes make you think, sometimes make you laugh and sometimes just make you feel good. 

Colin has performed at clubs, village halls and festivals all over the UK and has also been on many local radio shows as well as a performance on BBC Radio 2.  Now five albums later he is still delivering his special brand of intimate songs with a sprinkle of wry humour.

There are now many covers of Colin's songs such as "Jeannie's Flag", "Australian Wine" and "Let Her Lie" among others and it is not unusual to hear one of his songs in a folk club, festival or on radio.  Recently Marie Little recorded "March Monday Morning" from Colin's CD of the same name.

Although recent illness caused a reduction in live work for a while Colin kept writing and is now performing live better than ever.  A new album called "Where The River Bends" includes a song called "Living in Waltz Time", a tongue in cheek look at our world now, is proving to be a favourite with audiences all over the country.